The SearchCloudOne REST API is used to perform Search Requests and render a multitude of document formats as HTML in the browser.

The API can also used to Upload and Remove files from your Indexes.

Getting Started

  1. Register for a SearchCloudOne account if you have not already.

  2. Create a New Index where documents will be stored in your SearchCloudOne account.


All requests must pass a valid APIKey

Create an API Key via the Console.


SearchCloudOne Indexes Files to make them Searchable.

  • Indexes - Collections of Files that are indexed to make the files quickly searchable.
  • Files - The files that are uploaded into the indexes, which once indexed, can be searched and retrieved.


SearchCloudOne’s API is reached via the sub-domain

Two Endpoints are provided: /Files and /Search


The /Files endpoint is used to upload, delete and restore Files

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The /Search endpoint is used to perform Search requests

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